Our Approach

Most commercial law firms have expensive offices, a large staff head-count, and demanding equity partners who are constantly trying to increase their financial return. That all translates to high cost, and high fees for clients – and often with little service satisfaction for clients, especially after being ‘handed to’ one or more ‘commercially green’ junior solicitors (with the resulting layers of cost added).

Our approach is refreshingly different!

When you engage Lynch & Co. you will:

  • Have direct contact with Sean (7 days) and his 26 years of commercial legal experience.  Sean is a trusted commercial legal adviser and business partner to many corporates large and small. Proof of this is the fact that all Sean’s client’s from his prior “large city firm” practice decided to follow him to Lynch & Co.
  • Receive timely, competent, ‘no-nonsense’, clear and useful deliverables based on sound industry knowledge.  Work turn-around within 24 hours is frequent.
  • Be dealing with a mind-set that constantly asks the question – “can we do this simpler, with fewer words, and for less cost but without compromising quality or your protection?”
  • Be dealing with a responsive, nimble, and lower over-head organisation which passes on those cost savings to you.  Our rates are considerably less than our City counterparts.
  • Often, and where possible, agree a fixed or cap fee with us for your matter or stage of your matter, and if that is not possible, will happily supply you with regular time & cost breakdown updates.  We are always happy to have a conversation with you about costs if you feel that is necessary.
  • Have access to Lynch & Co’s trusted external stand-alone specialist legal providers for any issues which, acting in your best interests, we believe are best addressed primarily by another specialist supplier.